Press Releases ..
»  'In Life and Art' (The times of India)
»  A colourful brush with modern life (Hindustan time)
»  A New Landscape (Business Standard)
»  A truckload of art (Hindustan time)
»  An arty affair for Delhilites (Delhi Times)
»  An Arty gathering (htcity)
»  Art and its questions (Delhi Times)
»  Art and Photography Show (Mail Today)
»  Art icons revisited (Transient times)
»  Art where the heart is (Hindustan time)
»  Art with an Indian Heart (Hindustan Times)
»  Art's call (Hindustan time)
»  Article page 1 (Magazin "Society")
»  Article page 2 (Magazin "Society")
»  Article Page 3 (Magazin "Society")
»  Article Page 4 (Magazin "Society")
»  Artistic Dynamics (Hindustan Times)
»  Bestial belonging (mid-day)
»  Blow horn (The times of India)
»  Catch it here " Arushi Arts Galley" (HT City)
»  Contagious colour (The times of India)
»  Cupcakes for art frat (The times of India)
»  Exhibition of Paintings at Arushi Arts Gallery (The Sunday Standard)
»  Harvest 2018 (Delhi chilli)
»  He, Art Warming (Patriot)
»  In devotion (The times of India)
»  In London but for work (The times of India)
»  In the City Today (Deccan Herald (DH))
»  India on the canvas (The Asian age)
»  It's An Art (People (Magazine))
»  It's Cheeni Kum on a giant head (Delhi Times)
»  Maidens in mumbai (The times of India)
»  Moments (Dairy of the month)
»  Moments (Express news)
»  natural mistigue (The times of India)
»  natural mistigue (Hindustan time)
»  Our own path (Hindustan time)
»  Our own path (The times of India)
»  Out of the world (The times of India)
»  paisa, paisa, money,money (The times of India)
»  paisa, paisa, money,money (Hindustan time)
»  Palace and the booties (Flushing fast)
»  Quite Art-iculate (The Asian Age)
»  Solo Endeavours..... by kamal mitra (HT Shopper Greater Kailash)
»  Straight from the art (Hindustan time)
»  Tacing the Indian Art (Hindustan Times)
»  Take That Bollywood (MID Day)
»  The Earth and Soul of Ladhakh and Banaeas (The Hindu)
»  The harvest of the Disquiet (Hindustan time)
»  The Pathfinders (Hindustan Times (HT))
»  The Search...... By Kamal Mitra (Mail Today)
»  The Search....... (HT Live Ghaziabad)
»  The Search..........Solo show by kamal mitra (HT City)
»  The show must go on... (City diary)
»  The unusual angle (The times of India)
»  They're off to Rome (The Times of India)
»  Unexpected revelations (The times of India)
»  Unparalleled by Heerina Misra (HT City)
»  Unparalleled forms (The sunday standard)
»  Vision in Space 2012 (HT City)
»  Vision in Space 2012 (HT City)
»  Vision in Space 2012 (HT Edge)
»  Visions in Space (The Sunday Guardian)
»  What's On.... (Hindustan Times (HT))
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